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Let's tour Africa

Lets tour Africa is a cross cultural organization showcasing the beauty and opportunities in Africa to investors, fun lovers and tourists.


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Come and experience the uniqueness in African technology. Come and see for yourself what makes Africa stand out.

African Culture

When it comes to culture, no other tribe in the world has it like African tribes in richness.


The beauty of Africa is second to none. Africa has natural vegetation,mineral resources like coal, limestone, gold, etc.


You can equally learn African beautiful languages. Take you time. Our languages have deep meanings.

natural features

From the forests to the rivers and even underground resources, Africa is blessed. Come and see for yourself.


All African cities are unique. Here's why you need to move around to understand what African tradition has.

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Favorite Places

Based on popular demand, a few places have emerged as favourite places to visit. This list is in no way exhaustive. Enjoy the ride with us and have a look.

Lekki Conservation Center

stone town of Zanbizar

Obudu Mountain Resort

Great Pyramid of Giza

Olumo rock

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Let’s go make some fresh good memories. At Let’s tour Africa, we are building a new community of global tourists who have particular interest in the African continent. Join us as we make memories by touring Africa.

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